Problems downloading full GTFS Bundle zip file


I’ve been having problems with the complete GTFS bundle recently. I note the daily updates appear on your website each day - the version number changes - currently no 281 for example, but when I download by clicking the link it always brings down exactly the same file - it never changes - or at least not for a few weeks now. Have I missed something here?


Hi @railmaps, we’re looking into this, thanks for letting us know. If you need the correct file in the mean time, you can download it programatically using the API.





Hi @railmaps, we’ve now fixed the download link for the GTFS bundle so you will be able to download the correct (latest) files using the ‘DOWNLOAD’ button.



Magnificent. Thank you very much.


This problem has still not been resolved. There was one updated GTFS zip file on December 5th, however there has been no updated file since that date. Can you please investigate and resolve. Thank you.


Hi @railmaps, apologies about that, we’ll get it fixed again as soon as possible. As a work around you can either call the API or click on ‘EXPLORE API’, select your API key and click “Try it out!” then click on the download link in the response.