Occasional Connection Reset


Hi, we have a system that consumes the real-time vehicle position and trip update feeds every 15 seconds and have noticed the rare occasional “connection reset” from the Open Data server. It happens very rarely (less than 0.5% of the API calls), but just wondering if this is expected/normal, a known issue or otherwise. Thanks.


Hi @hkotfnsw, we’re currently investigating this, do you have any more details on the error you get? Does it just say connection reset or do you get a more meaningful error message?



Thanks @alejandro.felman. For buses, the last two times when connection-reset errors happened are shown below. These are my server logs:



Both happened when calling the trip update bus real-time feed.


Thanks for the extra info, we’ll investigate further.


Hi @alejandro.felman, encountered a couple of more connection reset issues in the last couple of days, logging it here if it helps…

  • 2017-03-15T23:00:49
  • 2017-03-14T13:46:00
  • 2017-03-14T13:54:40
  • 2017-03-14T14:04:40
  • 2017-03-14T15:06:40

Also, it appears the connection reset happens at the feed (URL) level, is that right? Can it happen at the API-key level and account level? Just so that I can understand how it works. Thanks.


@hkotfnsw we haven’t found any connection issues from our end.

Anyone else out there encountered the same issue or can assist us by looking at logs at those times?