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The NSW Rest Areas map is a map based web application that allows you to browse and search for available rest areas located across NSW. The map provides the locations of the rest areas along the road network. It includes details such as the rest areas name, access direction, and the different facilities (e.g. toilets, fuel, BBQ facilities, etc.) that are available at each rest area. The information displayed in the Rest Areas map is available as a dataset and queryable API for use by public and industry.

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There doesn’t appear to be any data loaded for the Rest Areas? Using the api, if I do “SELECT * FROM rest_areas” then no data is returned? I’ve tried using Postman and also the explore api on the website, but the queries never return results. I’ve authenticated using an API key.



@ash5g looks like there’s something wrong with the API, we’re looking into it and will have it fixed soon.


Hi @ash5g, unfortunately the API might take a while to fix since there seems to be an issue at the source. You can still find the data on the Live Traffic NSW web app. Hopefully this helps you out for now with what you’re working on.



Hi Alex

Any further development here please as the API response is empty ? How can I get the rest areas in digital format in it’s absence ?

Thank you


Hi @chris.wheldon

Did you want to give this another go. Our team have just fixed it and it looks good to us.



Hi Yvonne

Looks good to me. Ran a csv request on the default sql query <select * from rest_areas limit 50 > and got the data out.

Looks good to me also.

Thank you

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