News Roundup

Some interesting articles & media from the last few weeks :slight_smile:

Transport for NSW is launching a new trial that allows drivers to pre-book parking spaces at Park&Ride Ashfield before they connect to public transport. Read the article.

The UK Department for Transport has announced a partnership with technology provider Moovit to begin utilising the Bus Open Data Service (BODS) – a central source of timetable, bus location, and fare data of every bus operator across England. Read this article.

Passengers in Las Vegas will now be able to see how busy their bus is and how many seats are available through a journey-planning app. Read this article.

UK bus open data project gains momentum. Read this article.

Prague public transport launches real-time map of tram and bus locations. Read this article.

Uber is set to expand its Uber Green across 1,400 new North American towns and cities. Read the article.

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Hi Sabrina,

Regarding Ashfield station pre-booking, would the pre-booked spaces reflected as occupied spots in the car park APIs?


Great question! I’ll investigate and get back to you :slight_smile:

@Mohamed The pre-booked spots are carved out, so the answer is effectively yes, given the total available spots are reduced.

Thanks @sabrina.morgan for the clarification - it’s good that the total spots number is provided dynamically as part of the APIs :slight_smile:

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