Mysterious Transdev NSW Routes

These two Transdev NSW routes keep popping up in the main non-realtime GTFS compilation.

| name | transit_system | last_updated |
| 2 Glebe to Sydney Olympic Park via Hunters Hill | Transdev NSW | 2018-01-26 10:08:09 |
| 6 Woronora to Sydney Olympic Park | Transdev NSW | 2018-01-26 10:08:09 |

With agency_id=“22”

Are these lines in the buses real-time for Transdev NSW? If so, with what agency_id?


Here another one from the Punchbowl company.

| 7 Cronulla to Sydney Olympic Park agency_id: 14 route_id: 96-7-sj2-1 update: 2018-01-26 10:08:09 |

Hey @Webmaster,

Those routes are Sydney Olympic Park major event buses (Getting to Sydney Olympic Park |

They are only provided through the Complete GTFS bundle now. There used to be a specific Major Events feed, but that has since been decommissioned.

Hope that helps!

I see, for example, in the main static bundle:
“14”,“Punchbowl Bus Company”,“”,“Australia/Sydney”,“EN”,“131500”

But no mention of it in the overlapping table.

Should we assume agency names with real-time also included in the main bundle but with a different agency_id do not have real-time?

The approach I use checks agency_id only.

Anything that’s listed in the overlapping table as having a “For Realtime GTFS agency_id” would have real-time and can be excluded from the Complete GTFS.

Agency ID 22 isn’t listed, so therefore, wouldn’t have realtime and should be included.

Does that make sense?

Yes, it makes sense but I need an official answer.

Thanks for the help.

The official answer is the same as stated above by @jxeeno. Those routes are for major events and now only provided in the complete GTFS bundle. Major event routes do not have real-time data available.