Multiple agency_ids For Same Transit Agency

I see in the Reference Table multiple agency_ids for Sydney Olympic Park Major Event Buses.

This means the data is invalid with duplicate agencies containing different data.

A simple fix is to disambiguate the agency_name.

The public should always know what they are looking at and there is no one better than you to tell them.

Any plans to publish a valid for Sydney Olympic Park Major Event Buses?

Hi @Webmaster, the reason as to why there are four different agency_ids is because Sydney Olympic Park Major Event Buses are operated by different companies, which are identified by the different agency_ids in the bundle. However, due to feed requirements we need to have the same name for all of them, unfortunately this cannot be changed.

We haven’t had any errors with this, the file is not invalid and works correctly. If you’re still having problems with it please give us more details so we can investigate further.

I am referring only to multiple agency_ids for the same agency.

I am sorry you cannot fix this.

Identifiers are the basis of artificial intelligence and when they are wrong errors propagate.

I just want to point out this is a serious matter and should be corrected at your earliest convenience.