Moore Park Stops

Hi Team!

I’m in the process of building out some data driven applications around the EQ & SCG precinct.

Currently when querying the Driver Avenue Bus Stop; I get the following error:

“systemMessages”: [
“type”: “error”,
“module”: “BROKER”,
“code”: -4050,
“text”: “no serving lines found”

I assume this is because the stop does not provide any regular services.

Is there demo data of what this looks like when special event services are running?

Additionally, do we have stop IDs for the Light Rail services through Moore Park?


Hi @jaredquinn,

The driver Avenue bus stop won’t have services when there’s no special event on which is why you’re seeing the error.

We’re working on the Light Rail feed and hope to share it soon. We will publish it on the Forum once it’s ready, so keep checking back here.

Open Data Team

Hi Team,

We haven’t seen any of the shuttle services come through this week (for the test match) but we have seen data come through for the last two BBL matches at the SCG.

We had been using Stop ID #10110119, but have noticed that #202126 has been seen in data and is also called “Moore Park, Moore Park, Driver Ave, Stand A”.

Which stops & platforms should I be using for the event shuttle services ?


Hi @jaredquinn. 0110119 is the same stop as 202126. The first one is the location ID in Trip Planner API and the second one is the Transit Stop Number. They should be able to be used interchangeably in the Trip Planner API.

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