Missing direction_id and bearing in realtime feeds


I’ve been using the realtime .proto feed (https://api.transport.nsw.gov.au/v1/gtfs/vehiclepos/*), and I have found that many regions are supplying incorrect information.

Specifically, the following feeds always have vehicle.trip.direction_id === 0:

  • ferries/sydneyferries
  • buses
  • lightrail/innerwest
  • lightrail/newcastle
  • nswtrains
  • metro
  • sydneytrains

The one exception is lightrail/cbdandsoutheast, which correctly sets the direction id in each vehicle position report.

The sydneytrains endpoint also does not provide correct information for vehicle.position.bearing as it is always set to zero.

Are you able to fix these bugs please? In my opinion, it would be better to exclude the information completely than to provide incorrect data.

If the omission of this information is intentional, could you please provide a list of all the data that has incorrect values?