Introducing the new Marine Alerts Reporting Platform (MARP) API

As a result of the Boating Companion innovation challenge, we developed the Marine Alerts Reporting Platform (MARP) API for the Deckee and Boatable app developers to use and integrate into their apps for launch. Now that the new Boating Companion apps have been endorsed and launched on the app stores, we have released the MARP API on the Open Data Hub for anyone to use.

The Maritime Alerts Reporting Platform (MARP) API is a real-time GeoJSON feed of alerts intended for vessel operators. It includes information from both Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) and Centre for Maritime Safety (CMS). There are currently three proposed types of information to be covered by the MARP API: Marine Notices, Campaigns and Other Information.

You can find the MARP API on our data catalogue by going to the following link

Please make sure to read the API documentation to understand how the API works and how the data within it is structured. If you have any further questions feel free to post them in this thread.

Thank you,
-The TfNSW Open Data Team