How to Test Real-time TT (TimeTable) update


Hi Team,
We have developed the mobile hybrid app by using the below apis and we found that the data flow is seamless however our testing team facing the challenge to verify the real time data.

  1. Public Transport - Timetables - For Real-time
    Data verification : Scheduled/Arrival time, To station, Via, Run no, and Set type.
  2. Public Transport - Real-time Trip Update
    Data verification: Early trains, Late Trains, Skipped,etc,.
    It would be really helpful if anybody share any proven strategy to test the real time data. Example test using any drivers and stubs version or etc.,.


I can’t really help from a technical point of view, but my test is looking out the window and seeing the train pull in/out of the station.

After the (timetable API output) told me a train was leaving, I looked out the window and it was. Perfect :slight_smile:


Thanks for your replay, i would like to know how to test cancel/Skip/Stop/Add,etc.,. conditions by using real time data as the data is not control by us its being taken up from opendata.