GTFS-R Emergency Bus Data (Wheelchair Accessible:1)


I’m looking into the document posted here:
The document titled “TfNSW_Realtime_Bus_Technical_Doc_v2.2.pdf” describes the spec of the GTFS-R data. In page 41, the document provides an example of a data set that includes all Field Names.

The current bus GTFS-R data feed doesn’t support all of “Optional” Field Names. Some Filed Names are missing. For instance Field Name “Transit_realtime.tfnsw_vehicle_descriptor” describes whether the bus supports Wheelchair Access or not. That is not displayed in the current GTFS-R feed.

The question is, when is this particular Field Name used? is it used for UNSCHEDULED buses?

Here is an example of a data set captured recently showing no Wheelchair info:
entity {
id: “30061_837747_2443_575_1”
vehicle {
trip {
trip_id: “944916”
start_time: “18:40:00”
start_date: “20190730”
schedule_relationship: SCHEDULED
route_id: “2443_575”
position {
latitude: -33.7769241
longitude: 151.1119
bearing: 88
speed: 0
timestamp: 1564475852
vehicle {
id: “30061_837747_2443_575_1”
1999: “\b\001\020\001\032\035Scania~L94~Custom Coaches~TBA \001(\000”
occupancy_status: MANY_SEATS_AVAILABLE

Many thanks for your attention.

Hi @a.ameen94, welcome to our forum!

It looks like the data you’re looking at wasn’t decoded correctly. The Vehicle Descriptor is there as you can see below but it’s not displaying as expected. One of those values would be the wheelchair accessible indicator.
You need to make sure you’re using the TfNSW proto file to decode the feed into the correct readable language. You can learn more about this on our Troubleshooting page.


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