GTFS for Nightride out of date


The GTFS at currently only contains schedules up to 2018-03-01. Will it be updated? I saw that NightRide was being restructured on that date (e.g. ) - are those schedules now part of another GTFS file?


Hey Jarek,

Looks like this was posted on the Open Data Slack, but not on the forum.

FYI from March 1st the individual NightRide bus GTFS bundle will cease to be published, and NightRide routes will be published in their individual operator bundles instead. This is reflected in the GTFS data now, with NightRide routes commencing in SMBSC bundles from the evening of March 1, including some new routes:
• STA: N10, N11, N90, N91
• Transdev NSW: N30, N40
• CDC Hillsbus: N50, N60, N61, N81, N70, N71, N80
• Punchbowl Bus Company: N20

So, yep – Nightride routes are now part of the normal operator bundles and the Nightride GTFS bundle has been deprecated.

Okay, thanks for the confirmation :slight_smile: