Filter of response data


how can i filter vehicle position if i need some specific vehicle position?

is there any example ?


I don’t think it’s a feature of the API at this point in time. Probably something to suggest here on this thread:

Currently, you’d have to loop through each of the vehicles to see if it matches the ID. Alternatively, store it all in a database and query it that way.


Yes at this stage we only offer it as a bundle. There is talk about how we implement it as a “proper” API so feedback on what you want is always welcome. Put it in the thread as referenced or start a new one in the category.



“Yes at this stage we only offer it as a bundle” ==> this issue is solved ?


Sorry dhamu143 I’m not sure what you are asking? The data is supplied as a set of ‘raw’ files which need to be processed on your side.


i was just talking about that up till now what ever response i am getting is as a bundle. so if need some specific records then how can i filter that.?