Errors in the GTFS and TXC data due to Sutherland to Surf event - Sunday 22/07


There are some stops along the Kingsway from Sutherland to Cronulla that won’t be in use this Sunday morning due to the Sutherland 2 Surf. Unfortunately Transdev have not been able to remove the stops from the GTFS data. If possible, please have the attached TSNs removed at the times indicated, and also the below TSNs removed from 6.30 am to 09:35am for Sunday 22nd July.

This affects both the real-time and complete GTFS bundles, as well as TXC.

Kingsway Stops_Sunday0722.xlsx (223.1 KB)

Heading to Miranda:
222933 Taren Point Rd Nr Captain Cook Dr
222934 Taren Point Rd Opp Beresford Rd
222935 Taren Point Rd Nr Kingsway
222936 Kingsway Nr Hinkler Ave
222937 Kingsway Nr Kareena Rd
2228116 Kingsway Nr Junction St
222815 Miranda interchange Kiora Rd Stand 5

To Rockdale Stn:
222815 Miranda interchange Kiora Rd Stand 5
2228115 Kingsway Nr junction St
222969 Kingsway Karrena Rd
222942 taren point Rd Nr Kingsway
222943 Taren Point rd Nr Beresford Rd
222944 Taren Point Rd Nr The Boulevarde