Error getting realtime/buses

Hi, I have just started using the API, it was working fine this morning using realtime/buses, now it is returning a not found error.

{ “ErrorDetails”:{ “TransactionId”:“xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”, “ErrorDateTime”:“2016-05-26T15:17:00.104+10:00”, “Message”:
“The requested resource could not be found.”, “RequestedUrl”:“/v1/gtfs/realtime/buses”, “RequestMethod”:“GET”, } }

the same script returns data for trains and ferries, just not buses.

Is it me or is something broken.

Up and running again, does this happen often?

was this for vehicle positions or trip updates?

You shouldn’t be getting that error so it could be our side. As (from my understanding) if it hasn’t been updated you just get a stale file. However we have an existing issue we’re fixing where if the file size is > 5MB there’s issues handling that.

It is for trip updates, the vehiclePos works fine.

The files were getting up to 5Mb, so maybe that is the problem.

Even I am getting similar issue with realtime/buses, other apis working fine.

We’re on it. This has been raised a while ago so just working through it for a fix a plan to deploy.

There was a change put in today that should have fixed this problem. Please note that if you use the API Explorer it may crash the browser if the file is too big (different issue!) but if you do an API call the larger file should be able to be downloaded.

Let us know how you go.

Hi Yvonne,

your fix seems to be working, I was able to download a file 8,742,333 in size.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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