DEV WANTED: Boating Companion Innovation Challenge


Calling all developers,

I am a designer by week and boating enthusiast by weekend keen to connect with a Developer interested in the Boating Companion Innovation Challenge.

As a competitive sailor and sailing coach, I have seen all the colourful behaviours first hand, so this is a problem space I am keen to tackle. I have plenty of ideas ready to start testing and direct access to customers with my large network of boating connections.

I have sailed in almost every state of Aus (minus NT…) so I know the waters like the back of my hand and I have experience building two successful businesses, my recent one being a sailing education tool. I hold certifications in Dinghy Instructing, Powerboat Handling and Safety Boat Operation.

If you would like to chat about what you or your team will bring to the table, please get in touch ASAP:
i s a b e l l a r s h i e l d s @ g m a i l . c o m