Colors for Icons eg T4 or CCN, fonts

Hi I am looking for color values (api?) for drawing icons as found on the departure board.

Any guidance appreciated

Hi @devguy, please see below for the colours and fonts that we use. However, we strongly advise you to change each slightly when using it since the colour themes are trademarked.

  • Train orange - #F6891F
  • Bus blue - #00B5EF
  • Coach purple - #732A82
  • Ferry green - #5AB031
  • Light rail red - #EE343F

Also please refer to our marketing page - Marketing | TfNSW Open Data Hub and Developer Portal


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Hi @devguy, sorry just to clarify, you can use the exact colours but advise that you make your app or website distinct enough so that there’s no risk of customers confusing it with an official Transport for NSW app or website.