Clarification on Bus contracts of Macquarie Mark area

Hi, I have a few quick questions about the Bus data. I am trying to analyze bus data for the Macquarie Park area:

  1. Was the Macquarie Park and Ryde bus contract area before Feb 2022 “Sydney Metro Contract 7” and it is “Greater Sydney Contract 7” now?
  2. In the bus contracts map, I can see that in the Greater Sydney Contract 7, the Macquarie Park area is represented by a small patch of a different color. Could you elaborate what does that mean?
  3. I am trying to do a comparative trend over the years and I would like to check if the boundary of Sydney Metro Contract 7 and Greater Sydney Contract 7 has remained same?

Hi @ayushrai024,

  1. Yes, before Feb 22 the Mac Park & Ryde bus contract area was SMBSC007 (Sydney Metro Bus Services Contract region 7). After this time it is GSBC007 (Greater Sydney Bus Contract region 7).
  2. That small area represented the StationLink area, when the metro was getting built. I may request that this gets rectified.
  3. Yes the boundaries remain the same.
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