Changes to the Light Rail feed from 26 July 2016

From Tuesday 26 July 2016 at around 4pm there is going to be a change in the Light Rail feed.

  • Blocking is added, so there is no need to use the separate bundle for this (see below)
  • Route_short name now populated as L1, instead of being combined into the route_long name
  • Format of trip_id, route_id and shape_id has changed
  • Platform_code has been populated. Light Rail stops do not have platform number displayed on the ground, but these have been added to indicate a direction for each. 1 = Toward central, 2 = towards Dulwich hill

The proper documentation will be updated in the coming days and weeks.

NOTE: the reference to the separate bundle was on the Troubleshooting page with this text

Modified Light Rail GTFS bundle that implements blocking to trips at Central and Dulwich Hill ends of the line, allowing real-time forecasts to be provided for formed services and on outbound stops between Central and Exhibition

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