CBD and South East Light Rail Timetable

When will we see the sample data for CBD and South East?

Hi @mattdavidson, we’re working on it but probably won’t have anything until a few weeks out from launch.


Any update to the availability of this data

Hi @mattdavidson - thanks for following up. At this stage we haven’t published any data openly. There is some data for internal testing and we’ll advise when it’s available more widely once available.

We’ll advise via the forum when available.


Really hoping that this is available before the weekend?

Hi all, the CBD & South East Light Rail GTFS bundle is now available here.
L2 data will also be exported in this evenings usual TransXChange and Complete GTFS exports @jaredquinn @mattdavidson

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hey @david.phillips will there be realtime information?

Not yet but we are working on a technical solution and once the data is tested and ready we will provide to customers. The passenger information screens at each stop will tell you when your next service is coming.

The timetable data has just been updated here: https://opendata.transport.nsw.gov.au/dataset/temporary-andor-sample-gtfs-data/resource/26ebf083-0cef-48fb-81cd-1f1bd1eb5c47

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