Cannot register - Fixed 2/6/16


I try to register via
several times now, but I do not receive an email.

I contacted support via email, but it appears they are not aware of this site and process - “If your not an employee of Transport, how did you find out about Transport Service Desk email address?”

Yet, I was able to register for this forum.

Please provide further instructions how I can register!

Thank you


Hi Stefan,
Thanks for your interest on Open Data.

Please follow the below User Guide to register and get a token to make a request to the API.

Also check the below link to get more details on the same,


Thanks for your response.

I’m following the instructions, yet I cannot pass the first stage, because the registration is not going through.
I just tried for the 6th time in the last 18hours.
I go here:
I enter my email address.
I get the success page:
but I do not get an activation email.

What am I missing?


Also getting this issue. Tried with multiple emails multiple times just in case, but no activation email. The forum registration worked instantly though :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi guys - just letting you know we have raised this issue with our vendor. We’ll get this sorted as soon as we can and have raised as a priority ticket.


The issue has been resolved, please check now.
Thanks you.


Yes, it is working.
Thank you!
I guess this thread can then be deleted.


Yup, all working now. Thanks guys!