Bring on the libraries / example code!

Hi All!

First of let me say how excited I am that we have this program. I have been wishing for something like this for ages, and despite some rough edges that will no doubt will be sorted out, Yvonne and her team have done a fantastic job.

Now it’s our turn!

In order for this data to be easily accessible and hackable, we are going to need to make it a bit easier to manipulate. For those of us who dream in code, that means snippets and libraries!

An Idea

A lot of us have spent the last few days fiddling with these APIs and maybe trying to build something out of them. Now is the time to share our code and help others create something!

If you are willing, lets:

  • Start posting code snippets in various languages of the bare bones - getting a token, requesting GTFS, parsing GTFS, etc.
  • Libraries! Lets make some libraries to make it easy for awesome stuff to get made.

I am currently working on a golang library (I’ll upload everything I have when I get home tonight). My vision is:

con := tfnsw.Context[ApiKey: "...", Secret: "..."} con.EnableFeed(tfnsw.SYDTRAINS, time.Second * 30) fmt.Println(con.GetRouteStatus("T2"))

So if you have any code, githubs, libraries, please post it! If you have already made a wrapper class or library for your own use, please share it!