Appreciation Post! TfNSW OpenData Hub and Developer Portal Usage

Opendata is vital for us to continuously create innovative solutions for our customers and help the NSW Government realize its goal for an effective integrated transport system.

We admire TfNSW OpenData Team for their dedication to providing relevant and latest data. They keep us updated every time and they are always ready to assist. KUDOS!

TfNSW OpenData Hub and Developer Portal Usage for SCT APP and Waverley Transport:

The SCT App is a hyperlocal Mobility-as-a-Service solution for customers to have a seamless travel experience. It is a single platform to plan, book, and pay for different types of mobility services. It can be tailored as a white-label app for Councils and other smaller areas. We highlight hyperlocal features relevant to each community.

Waverley Transport- is our MaaS solution configured for Waverley Council. The objectives are to ease traffic congestion and reduce parking demand. Our solution provides journey options involving shared vehicles that include walking to/from PUDO zones.

Keep it up! :grinning:

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