API Binding for C#

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I’m starting development as a beginner. I’ve already built some quite interesting apps, however this is a new project I am working on and would like some help getting API’s on C# platform. As I understand the API’s aren’t supported with C#, but are supported in Objective-C. I have no experience in binding Objective-C into C#, the IDE being used is Visual Studio 2015, with Xamarin built in. I am able to compile into iOS but I program in C#. Can anyone help me in this area ? This is a personal project.

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As the APIs are simply RESTful you can use them from any language you like. Although the API Explorer doesn’t list C# you could select something like Curl and take note of the headers, HTTP method, endpoint etc and adapt for your code.

There’ll be a fair few guides online about consuming a REST API in C# such as .net - How do I make calls to a REST API using C#? - Stack Overflow


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Hi Alistair,

Thank you heaps for this!! It WORKED Great =) (y)

Check website, a good tutorial for C# Language