Accessing Real Time trips API through Power BI

HI gurus

Could you please help in connecting to ‘’ from Power BI.

I am using my apikey as the header in the web connection settings. However i get an Details: “Unable to connect to the remote server” error. Kindly help.

That error sounds unrelated to the key. Do you have any more details?

Hi Jayen

The error i posted was for Power BI desktop on my laptop. Tried using another laptop and i was being prompted to enter User Authentication details. I was trying to use Web as the data source.It prompted for authentication details and didnt work.

I used api url with header Authorization and the apikey.

ok, so it sounds like there was a connection issue on the first laptop, and you got further on the second laptop.

the Authorization header value is formatted with the word “apikey”, then a space, then the actual API key. There is an example here: Using an API Key

Do you know if Power BI is setting the Authorization header as required by the API? It may just be setting it to the API key (without the word “apikey”).

HI Jayen

I reinstalled PowerBI and the connectivity issue was resolved. Thank you for your tips.

However i am not able to understand the output response from the query.I might be doing it wrong.Now the challenge is to read the response within PowerBI.

this may be related:

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Thank you . I will explore this …

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