Trip Planner Widget


Is it possible to have the new trip planner widget open in a new window? Currently it takes users away from the website it is hosted on.


Hi @alex.lewers, can you please let me know where you are clicking that takes you away from the website? I don’t believe any links do.



Hi @alejandro.felman, when I use the widget code (below) in my orgs website, it takes people from the org website to the TfNSW trip planning website. What I would like to see is when the user selects ‘Go’ on the widget that results open in a new window as is done with the NHSD widget (see


See widget code at


Hi Alex
Unfortunately we can’t change that behaviour of the widget because our website (including the widget) needs to conform to WCAG 2.0 requirements for accessibility. These guidelines state that links should open new windows and tabs only when necessary. These “necessary” cases do not include the use case of our trip planning widget.

Please refer to for more details.