Temporary and/or Sample GTFS data

This dataset contains sample or test data to be used by app developers for feedback.

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I noticed that Trip Planner API has a list of TSN stops and there is a discrepancy between GTFS data and Trip Planner API TSN stops. Which one should I use to get locations of all transit stops?


Hi Xin, can you provide some examples?

For example, G204444 & G204446 don’t exist in Trip Planner API csv file. G219067 doesn’t exist in GTFS stop data.

I found there are 519 records only exist in GTFS data and 9761 records only exist in Trip Planner API csv file.


The CSV file in the trip planner API dataset was intended to map our old EFA IDs to TSN (Transit Stop Number), however this is now out of date and not relevant anymore as TSNs have replaced EFA IDs in the Trip Planner API.
Your best source for all active stop data is the GTFS bundle. Note that it only has stops that service current trips, which is why 219067 is not in the current export - it has no bus routes scheduled from it at the moment.

Thanks, David.

So which type of TSN number should I use? I noticed there are 2 types of TSN, numbers and G with numbers. What is the difference between them?

The G prefix is for parent stops, and is applied where a suitable unique TSN does not already exist for the parent.
I’ll be making another forum post in the near future regard their addition to our prod GTFS bundle, in the meantime there is a bit more information in this thread: Upcoming change to Trip Planner APIs on 19 April