Some feedback after playing with API

I’ve implemented downloading and processing from an endpoint -

I found the endpoint does not respect ‘If-Modified-Since’ header - If-Modified-Since - HTTP | MDN

I think it can save efforts, time and bandwidth if all real-time endpoints and the above gtfs endpoint respect the header.

For example, without using ‘if-modified-since’, my current design is:

  1. Hit the endpoint with the HEAD method
  2. Get ‘last-modified’ header value, then convert it to a long value
  3. Check local folder has a file named "
  4. If there is a file with the name, then exit - nothing to do
  5. Otherwise, download, extract some files, trim columns, sort rows, compare with previous files, generate DB operations, run DB operations.

With ‘if-modified-since’, 2-4 can be simplified like

2. if HTTP code is 304, then exit - nothing to do

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Hi @oz.jc, thanks for bringing this to our attention, we’ll see if we can implement the if-modified-since header value so it’s easier for you guys to work with our APIs.

For the time being the method you described is the right way to do it.