Route ID, Trip ID and Stop ID Assignmnet


Hi there,

Could you please tell me how route ID, trips ID and stop ID are assigned.

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Hi Brian, please refer to our documentation page for more information on how data is structured and how IDs are assigned. To find the answer to your question you should read the technical documentation for the transport mode you are working with.

Also, if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend that you read Google’s GTFS spec/reference and familiarise yourself with the GTFS format. Any fields or data that differ from the standard to suit TfNSW will be outlined in our technical docs.



Hi Alex,
Thanks for your prompt reply. I probably didn’t frame my question correctly.

Firstly, we are working with a regional bus partner. The organisation has school bus routes that are not in the latest GTFS static bundle.
Hence we would like to add routes, trips and stops to the existing GTFS static bundle. This will allow us to report realtime versus timetable to both the customer and potentially TfNSW.

With this in mind we would like to use the standard convention used in the existing static bundle.

As such understanding how a trip_id is generated, for example would be of great value.

Alternatively details of the routes etc can be provided and have TfNSW assign route_id’s and trip_id’s and a method for assigning stop_id’s.

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@aat Hi Brian, just sent you a private message regarding this. Thanks


Hi Alex,

Hopefully you received an email I forwarded from Tom Simms. Toms role in this project allows him to provide the level of detail your questions required

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