NSW Trains Realtime trips ending at Central Station with pickup_type 0

Hi there,

We are working with the NSW Trains realtime feed, and have noticed that in the realtime GTFS realtime bundle, trips that end at Central Station (and likely others) all have a pickup_type of 0, where we would expect a pickup_type of 1.

Example routes are 32, 34, 36, 632.

I have two questions on this:

  1. How are people generally handling these instances? Do you tend to find the maximum stop_sequence and treat that as the de-facto end of the trip (is this even safe to do, or is that too much of an assumption)?
  2. Would it be possible to have the pickup_type field populated such that the final stop has a pickup_type of 1 (and the first stop has a dropoff_type of 1 for that matter)?

Many thanks,


Courtesy of one of the app developers

Treat the last stop_time as not being a pickup – unless there’s blocking.

Thanks very much Yvonne; I thought that may be the answer.