No new GTFS data for Sydney Trains 31st August 2016



On the 31st of August 2016 we downloaded the Realtime GTFS for Sydney Trains at 2am Sydney Time and again at 4:30pm from this URL:

However, it seemed to be serving stale data. Specifically, we did not find any trip ID’s in this file for 20160731. On the 31st of August, the GTFS-RT feed was serving trip ID’s containing 20160731 suggesting that we had missed an update.

Were we expected to do anything differently on this day?

Many thanks,



Hi @oliland - are you from the future? (Sorry couldn’t resist!)

I’ll assume you mean 31 July. If so then the data should be OK however there was a scheduled PTIPS outage on the 29th… we usually put a notification on the Status Page

Please be advised that the PTIPS feed will be stale from 12:45 PM to 01:25 PM on Friday 29/07/2016

I’ll see if there was a known outage on 31 July


Yes my mistake. This was the 31st of July, and specifically for the SydneyTrains realtime GTFS.


OK we checked and you are correct there was a problem on the 31st with the realtime data publishing.

We’ve put some more monitoring in place so we get notified of the problem.

Thanks for letting us know @oliland