Industrial Action affecting real-time data - Thu 01/06


Buses in STA Region 6 are taking industrial action today. Services are still running, however Opal readers used for tracking will be turned off and hence real-time data won’t be available for those trips.

Other regions may also be slightly affected.



Hi @alejandro.felman, just a thought, can Open Data create some sort of “status” dataset so that industrial actions, planned service stoppage… etc can be published? For example, if STA Region 6 plans to go on strike tomorrow, then a “status” dataset could be published tonight, with the strike details (e.g. from 9am - 5pm) with affected datasets (e.g. real-time trip updates)? This way, we could write code to automatically parse this “status” dataset and inform our end-users.


Hi @hkotfnsw, I think what you’re looking for already exists via the alerts APIs/datasets. Looking at the Trip Planner /add_info endpoint you can find the following (today’s alert about the industrial action):

    "type": "lineInfo",
    "id": "6007724",
    "version": 1,
    "priority": "normal",
    "timestamps": {
      "creation": "2017-05-31T23:46:11Z",
      "lastModification": "2017-06-01T04:39:27Z",
      "availability": {
        "from": "2017-05-31T23:46:00Z",
        "to": "2017-06-01T13:59:59Z"
      "validity": [
          "from": "2017-05-31T23:46:00Z",
          "to": "2017-06-01T14:00:00Z"
    "urlText": "Real-time service information may not be available due to industrial action",
    "url": "http://localhost:8085/ics/XSLT_CM_SHOWADDINFO_REQUEST?infoID=6007724&seqID=1",
    "subtitle": "Real-time service information may not be available due to industrial action",
    "properties": {
      "providerCode": "PT Marketing",
      "source": {
        "id": "ICSNSW_DEV_10.2",
        "name": "ICSNSW_DEV_10.2",
        "type": "MDVCMS"
      "announcementType": "serviceChange"

There’s also the Public Transport - Realtime Alerts dataset. You can easily look at all alerts in the website by going to which gives you alerts up to two weeks in advance. It is up to the operators to feed back this information.

Be aware that today’s industrial action was unplanned and unexpected, which is why there was no alert in advance but as you can see it’s there now.