Gordon Henry St North Car Park Outage

Hi - it appears that the Car Park API for Gordon Henry St North Park & Ride has not reported anything for at least 3 days (last: “MessageDate”: “2022-08-11T23:05:01”,). Does anyone know what is going on there?

Hey @aridsys, yes there was an outage on the 11 August for Gosford and Gordon Henry St North. The car park provider has been engaged and they are looking at it.
I note Gosford is now updating and as you say Gordon still not updating.
I’ll follow up with the team and can get back to you.

Thanks @Marcie . Bill Wood, Arid Systems.

Wilson Parking are looking into Gordon car park. Unfortunately no ETA. But will keep you posted.

@aridsys ,

Gordon Henry St North car park is back!

Thanks Marcie. Good to see it come back online around 6am this morning!

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