Exciting new improvements to the buses feed!

The latest major release of the buses feed system brought significant improvements. From 1 December, the upgraded feed will include the following benefits:

  1. Real-Time Predictions - Accuracy greatly improved and supports traffic impacting situations
  2. Resolution of Location/information messages from buses – improvement from ~30 seconds to every 15 Seconds, and down to 2 seconds when approaching a priority enabled intersection
  3. Snap to road route path for Bus location – improvement to allow bus to snap to road and route path to avoid buses being seen to be going through buildings (Route Paths must be correct)
  4. New and improved GPS tracking equipment – now utilising OPAL to provide tracking information based on bus activity – the OLD OBUs will start to be decommissioned in the new year.
  5. Trips tracked – using both real-time and offline data (both from OPAL), an improvement from ~83% to ~95% for trips tracked.

If you have any questions regarding these features feel free to ask in this thread.


Hey Alex,


With route snapping, does the bus location always snap to the closest shape point (node) in the shapes.txt? Or will it also snap to a point on the line between two shape points?

Hi @jxeeno,

The bus location will snap to any point along the route path, doesn’t have to be the closest point in the shapes.txt.


Great, thanks for the extra info :slight_smile: