Transport Mode Symbols and Pictograms

Here you can find symbols and pictograms for all transport modes to use in your apps, products or other projects.

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Has a Metro iconset been created yet?

Is there a specific order that TfNSW services should be listed in, and where will MEtro ‘M’ be in this list

has it listed as T B F L C T

Will there be more icons in the future. Not just for public transport, but also private and shared transport?


It looks like we’re missing a few commonly used symbols here… could we get icons for school bus, temporary bus, regional trains and regional coach? And if available, metro?

Hi @jxeeno, I’ll check this for you and add them to the dataset if they’re available. Thanks

Hi @hawkeyebasil1, the official order of the symbols is M T B F L T C

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Thanks for providing this dataset.

I would like to note an error in the TempBus package. Incorrect icons have been uploaded.

Could you kindly upload the correct set of symbols?

Thanks and regards

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Hi @jomingara, we have fixed this up now. The correct symbols are now available.

Thanks for letting us know!

Hi @alejandro.felman thanks for that :slight_smile: How come Metro has now be given the Primacy over Trains?

Also Why isnt there a seprate icon set with the Darker orange for the NSWTrainLink (old Countrylink) services?

Same with why no proper Icon set for Coaches?

Hey @alejandro.felman is Metro also getting its own ‘Tick’ logo as well?

@hawkeyebasil1 to answer your questions…

1 - No particular reason why the “M” comes first, just marketing really.
2 - The darker orange is no longer used for NSW Trains, please use the normal orange T.
3 - I believe both private coach and Trainlink coach symbols are now up on the site.
4 - Not exactly sure what you mean by a “Tick” logo, can you please provide an example?



  1. Awsome ok I thought they may follow Mode Letter Order ala what TfL does
  2. Ok thanks - when did this change? :slight_smile: // Looking at Key to Lines and colours still has the Darker orange
  3. Looking at Symbols & Pictograms only has Coach is a JPG not as an eps file like the other mode sets in their zip files
  4. sorry I ment [Hop] not tick (
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