Sydney Metro Timetable Data

GTFS Data is now available for Sydney Metro here. The data will also be present in the latest Complete GTFS and TXC files.

Mode symbols and brand guidelines have also been updated. Associated bus services changes, including correct end date of StationLink buses will drop into the bus GTFS bundles on Monday evening.


To find out more about the announcement please go to seems to still have an issue i reported with trips after midnight. That is, it shows metro services after 00:00 of Thursday-Saturday, instead of Thursday-Saturday after 24:00.

@rupert can probably explain this issue better than I can.

Basically they’re being treated as services on Thursday morning (i.e. Wednesday late night), not Thursday night. Same thing goes for Friday/Saturday night.

The discussion with @alejandro.felman today:

Data shows services leaving Chatswood at:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 5:05 - 22:05
  • Thursdays 0:05 - 0:45
  • Thursdays 5:05 - 23:55
  • Fridays 0:05 - 1:45
  • Fridays 4:25 - 23:55
  • Saturdays 0:05 - 1:45
  • Saturdays 4:25 - 23:55
  • Sundays 4:25 - 22:05

I believe these should be:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays 5:05 - 22:05
  • Thursdays 5:05 - 24:45
  • Fridays 4:25 - 25:45
  • Saturdays 4:25 - 25:45
  • Sundays 4:25 - 22:05

@jayen times are in 24hr format for this bundle, not using a 36 hr system.

An updated timetable for go-live on Sunday 26th has been published here:

ok, then the days were wrong.

and the bundle can’t only go up to 23:59 since trips starting at 23:55 ended after 24:00. it was only trips starting after 23:59 that were on the wrong day.

anyway, it seems fixed in the new bundle so i’m content.


Another update has been made to the bundle at the above endpoint.